Getting beauty treatments for the reunion

lip fillers MelbourneIn two days I’m supposed to attend my ten year school reunion. I am very excited but also a little nervous to see everyone. I have spent the past few months planning the event in detail with my girlfriends. We have decided to hire a limousine to take us to the formal and pick us up after so we can get to the after party in style. I know that some people may think that it’s a little over the top to be hiring a limousine, Melbourne school reunions are a big deal. We have all picked out our dresses, making sure no one is wearing anything too similar. We are all going to have our makeup done professionally and I’m thinking about getting laser hair removal. Melbourne friends have convinced me that it’s the best option, I’m very excited. I’ve never had hair removal done before other than shaving, I have heard nothing but good things about laser hair treatments. We all booked in the same time to go in for our monthly anti aging injections in Melbourne. We had to book our appointments weeks ago  just to get in, that’s how popular this place is! It’s going to be crazy fun getting ready together. It will definitely be a memorable day of pampering. We are all going to spend the day at a beauty spa getting facials and a spray tan. You can’t use tanning beds anymore, they’re just not worth the risk.

I’m hoping that my old high school crush Chad is going to be at the reunion. Nobody has seen him since we left high school and I can’t find him on any social media sites. He’s a total mystery and something of a legend among our graduating class. There are many theories as to what happened to Chad, some say he works on a king crab fishing boat in the Bering Sea. Others are convinced he gave up all his worldly possessions and lives in the wilderness. If you ask me he just doesn’t know how to use a computer. I have this dream where I arrive at the reunion in the stretch limousine, Melbourne is beautiful warm and sunny, he is waiting for me at the red carpet. He opens the limo door and lifts me down into his strong arms and we walk hand in hand together. A nice dream but one I’m sure will not happen, he’s probably married by now. In the off chance that he isn’t married I want to look my best for this event, I’m pulling out all the stops. My skin is usually pretty good and I don’t look my age at all but I’ve definitely added a few wrinkles and lines since high school. Nothing that can’t be fixed by a round of anti wrinkle injection followed by lip fillers. Melbourne town hall is where the event is being held, quite the fancy location if you ask me. I’m going to have a few glasses of champagne in the limo to relax before the party starts. I don’t want a repeat of the last day of school when I tried to give Chad my phone number and instead handed him a napkin.

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