Energy Storage for the Mech-Suit Revolution

commercial energy storageProbably the biggest obstacle to the utter domination of the mech-suit trend is conservation of energy. Oh, people are ALWAYS on about proper energy usage, energy-saving bulbs, green power, saving the planet…and all those things are good. But are they better than owning your very own mech-suit, with built in fridge and cup holders? No, I didn’t think so. I’d be quite willing to turn off a few lights if I could get my hands on something that good.

Fortunately there are a few people willing to come up with solutions. Commercial energy storage is now greater than ever, and combined with advances in solar energy storage it seems like we might be fulfilling our mech dream sooner rather than later. My ultimate dream is a society where mech-suits are basically like mobile phones: you don’t leave home without them. Commercial solar energy will be a constant feature, so you’ll charge your mech simply by walking around. You can even stock up on energy at home and bring a spare battery with you…in fact, this may be mandatory. Wouldn’t want anyone to run out while they’re away from home. They’d have to climb out and just leave their suit where it failed, and then they’d be humiliated in this sea of mech-suited people who actually have power. Then again, that’s sort of how it works now with phones, so…maybe the response will be that all public places will have mech charging stations. They will become that important to our lives.

They’ll take a lot of power, mind you, despite how they’ll propel mankind into the correct century. We’ll be needing all sorts of wonderful industrial energy storage methods. It’s not like the jet boosters are going to work after plugging the suit into the wall for a few minutes! Think of the time we’ll save on our daily commute to work.