Technology Knocking Down Ugly Trees

Melbourne tree loppingKids these days and their smartphones!

That’s what I’d be saying if I was one of the boring old people. But I’m not, and my E-Phone is the greatest thing since sliced bread! I should know, because I clearly remember when they brought it out and people would just stand there in the supermarket, not knowing if they should touch it. Just imagine if flat-pack furniture was delivered to your door fully-assembled, and no one saw it coming.

But oh, these new phones are marvellous…and I’m hooked! I can order all kinds of things online with a quick email. There’s a certain tree outside our staring window at the old folk’s home. A real eyesore, but everyone says it adds character. All I did was plug ‘get me some Melbourne tree removal, pronto!’ in the search box thing, and it came up with all kinds of lovely folks who could help me out. Of course, I was holding a phone, so a quick call later and they came along to chop it down, chop chop, ha ha!

Oh, I got a scolding from the management, like I was a little child, but I just couldn’t stop giggling throughout the whole thing. Oh, the power of technology. Everything is just so instant, and I love it! The only thing that isn’t instant is online shopping, and even then it’s at your door in a few days. I can get anything I want. Heck, we could even order a new tree online, a nice one this time, and have it planted right where the old, ugly tree used to be.

Of course, I do post a few pictures of the grandkids, a few memes, the usual things. I’m still a grandmother. But golly, I don’t need anyone to tell me how to use this thing. I’m a real pro! And now I’m walking around the grounds, seeing a few other bits and pieces in need of Melbourne’s tree pruning fellows, if not full tree lopping. Golly, it’s a lot of power to be holding in my hand. I love it!


Behind the lens

horse barnsDo you ever get the feeling your parents love your brother or sister more than they love you? If you do have that feeling, you know just how much it sucks. Now, imagine just for a moment, that it’s not a feeling that’s niggling away at the back of your mind, but a confirmed fact. Imagine that they told you, not subtlety over the years but in plain English, that they had a favourite child and you were not it. Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to my life.

My sister, younger, objectively prettier, and subjectively better is the apple of ma and pop’s collective eye. Whatever she wants, she is given. In fact, as I live and breathe, we are on the way to Tamworth, yes, Tamworth, to find the finest horse barn builders in all the land to build my sister’s little pony shelter for the winter. Apparently, these people do livestock sheds as a speciality in Tamworth, so I have been forced, against my will, into a car with mother, father, and the brat. Why am I here? To take photos. Apparently, the only thing I’m good for.

As a minor who has greedy neighbours on all sides, the parental units are unable to leave me to fend for myself in the suburban wilderness, so I get dragged along whenever darling sis has an engagement of any kind. Since I’m not too bad with a camera (and have even won a couple of competitions and things) they’ve decided to use that as their excuse this time around. As if anyone can’t just point and shot a decent photo of a couple of horse barns in Tamworth. So really, despite the lies they tell their friends, this is just one more example of me being dragged along to take photos of my sister’s life. Sounds like fun, right?