Beauty and all that shines

anti wrinkle injection MelbourneHaving a world class beauty clinic within walking distance of your house can be looked upon as a positive, or a negative depending on what you value. A lot of people think that living so close to such a shop would be annoying and inconvenient. I have found it to be the complete opposite. Not only do I enjoy being part of a street that comes to life with the morning sun and continued long into the dark adventures throughout the night. I love where I live, but I do have a bit of a weakness when it comes to cosmetic therapy. That weakness knows me like an addiction knows an addict. How to keep me and trap me and to temp me until I have no choice but to give in. The place near my house is one of the most talked about beauty clinics in Melbourne, anti wrinkle injections being their specialty. I am lucky to be close enough to walk home after I get anything done.

I have been known to book laser hair removal, a rather inexpensive thing, and walk out with dermal fillers. I love the beauty industry, making people’s dreams come true. The beauty clinic has the best of me, and the worst at times. During those desperate days between payday I often find myself sitting on my balcony, looking down at the women coming and going from the clinic. I tell by how they walk out what they’ve had done. Dark glasses usually means they’re had cosmetic tattooing, Melbourne dermatologist are good at that sort of thing. It’s  rather easy to escape reality and imagine living the life of beauty queen or a model. Waking up flawless and going about their day being a beautiful creature of leisure. I love seeing the change in how people walk when they know they look good. Seeing these lovely ladies strut out onto the streets of Melbourne fills me full of joy.

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