Chaos Around Tax Time

Melbourne tax accountantsIf there’s one thing I know, it’s that when your six-year-old asks what would happen if you put bugs in a microwave, you should take the microwave and put it up somewhere they can’t reach it. Or at least I know that for next time. The smell wasn’t too bad, actually. I can see why some countries count these as delicacies.

But another thing I know is that getting your tax returns in late just isn’t worth the hassle. Again, this is something I know from experience, sadly. Our company isn’t going to win any awards for being wonderful at punctuality, although we do provide nice coffee. Thing is, our finance guy said we didn’t need tax accountants. Melbourne is full of scams, and he was totally all over this business if we all got our paperwork in on time! Unfortunately, like with the bugs and the microwave, we should’ve kept all business tax return duties away from him, lest he blow everything up and fill the office with the stench of shame and fines for not getting them in on time.

But we all had a part to play. I don’t think our inter-office communication is that great, which lead to Susan forgetting to email us all the reminder. And then there’s Tedward, who just has a habit of setting fire to things when he gets bored during the day. Stacey brings her dog into work for ‘medical’ reasons, even though it’s a pug  and I don’t see how that works. And then little Cheddar goes and chews up all the cables, so we’re without internet for a good part of the afternoon. Except that Yuri the IT guy only speaks Russian, so I think he thought we wanted the lights in the office to be brighter, so further delays as we tried to tell him we wanted our internet back. Meanwhile, I was browsing on my phone for some folks who do IAS accounting around Melbourne, for next time. I hope they don’t have any dogs in the office.