Love found in a limo

limo hire MelbourneI think a part of me wants this limousine ride to go on forever. I would not ask the driver to pull over if you paid me. Not that money has ever been a problem, by this point it’s all meaningless to me.I dislike the term famous. It has so many negative connotations what with all the reality stars ruining that space. The reason I don’t want to stop this Melbourne limousine to ever stop is because the most beautiful and perfect woman I have ever met is in this car with me. She smiles and giggles and wants to keep on riding this limousine till dawn. I will happily go through till sunrise if that’s what she wants. I will get a change of limo drivers if I need to, anything to stay in this place with this perfect being.

The conversion has been effortless, we have talked about going on wild road trip, about our families, our dreams. Sasha is fast becoming the most interesting and free person that I can think of, and she suggested that we do this. She asked me, can you believe that? This whole thing was her idea, the dinner, the limo hire. Melbourne by twilight is magical, I don’t use that word lightly. I’m happily just going along with her plan. I love this city, and I’d love to spend more time here, but to be honest, I could just stay in her arms in the back of this limousine all night. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone quite like her.

I don’t know why but everything she does make me smile. Whether it’s her sheepish grin because she said something adult, or when she is laugh with tears streaming down her face, everything she does captivates me. I lover her wit and her silly jokes that are always told wrong. I can’t wait to see her again after tonight. My heart breaks a little more each I leave her. I’m missing a few vital pieces now that are hers forever. Every Time I ride off in my chauffeured limousines I can feel her slowly destroying me.