Incredible Buyer’s Advocate

I’m moving in today! I’ve had so many of you guys message me about which buyer’s advocate I used, and I’ve been so happy to share that information with you. She has just improved my life tenfold and I know she’ll improve all your lives too. Having a buyer’s advocate in your corner is one of those things that is just genuinely worth the money. I couldn’t recommend it more. So if you’re even slightly considering hiring a buyer’s advocate in Brighton or Kew or wherever you are, take this as a sign to do so.

Seriously, everything about the buying process has gone down without a hitch. The settlement period is over and lasted the exact amount of time that my awesome buyer’s advocate said it would. Nothing happened unexpectedly, which I really appreciated because usually, stuff happens to me unexpectedly all the time. My buyer’s advocate even suggested a good moving company to me, saying that she knew I could rely on them. She was right, they were perfect. 

I’ve really learned a lot from this experience. I now understand the value of delegating, and how important it is to trust the experts because they’re experts for a reason. I have no doubt that if I ever want to move houses again, I’ll use a buyer’s advocate. Malvern East could be somehow that I’d want to move to one day, and I’d very certain that my current advocate would know exactly what to do in that suburb.

I’m really looking forward to settling into my new home. All my stuff has been moved in and the only thing left to do is close the door behind me, sit on the couch and appreciate what I have. For someone that has been unlucky her whole life, it’s nice to finally be on the other end of it. I never knew what it felt like to be this happy.