Tree removal saved my life

tree removalIt was my first day off from work in weeks and I was looking forward to stretching out on the couch and stuffing myself full of delivered pizza. But the kids were also home that day and they were hogging the couch, jumping all over it and screeching at their video games. I looked out the window with forlorn, wondering how I was going to unwind, but the sun was shining and there in our yard under the dappled shade of a tree, a little alcove called to me invitingly. What better way to spend some leisure time than to sit under a tree and read a book? Little did I know that the endeavour would devolve into the need for tree removal, Brisbane specialists would be coming around later that day…

You try to do the right thing, right? I thought, surely this beats sitting in front of a screen, which is what I’ve been doing at work and what I desperately need a break from. Our backyard is quite big and full of native flora, God knows the kids don’t make the most of it, what with their computers and consoles and smartphones and tablets and laptops and you get the idea. So I sit under this great big tree that has been all alone probably for years and open up my book to read. I get a few pages in, quickly engrossed, when I’m wrenched out of the story by a creaking sound from above. I look up – nothing. So I keep reading when a few minutes later there it is again. I look up for the second time and I see this enormous branch tumbling down towards me. I duck and miss the darn thing. Almost got my head caved in by a mega-branch falling from above.

I later realised the tree was full of white ant. I would have to call up a company for tree felling. Brisbane has professional services for tree removal that would give us peace of mind. Wouldn’t want any more branches falling on my head – or the kids’ if they ever do get out.

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