Small wedding please, fixed windows essential

timber windows

I had never really wanted a big wedding. Even when I was young I just didn’t really get the fuss, as long as my family and closest friends were present I didn’t need a massive party. When Charles and I got engaged we decided straight away we would keep it simple. I wasn’t even entirely sure I wanted to wear a wedding dress. I literally just wanted to marry him, the whole wedding element was non essential. My dad suggested we hold the ceremony and a small party type thing at his old farm. It was a pretty beautiful setting although it did need some work. Last time I visited was to help with window repairs, Melbourne weddings tend to be held in sprawling gardens or lovely event halls, not dilapidated farmhouses. So I actually thought it was perfect! As well as the window repairs, the timber frame needed some work and there was little if any electricity running into the building! We got to work repairing it ourselves with some help for the company. My dad had originally bought the timber windows in Melbourne and has managed to track down the same company to come and do the timber window repairs. Once we get the farmhouse up to just about habitable standards we’ll leave the rest up to decoration. I wanted to cover the curved ceiling in lights and have throws dotted around on various couches and chairs. I liked the idea of it all being a little mismatched and imperfect. The opposite of a big white wedding basically! The windows should all be fixed in a couple of weeks and then it’s just a case of choosing things to fill the barn with, my dad is going to brew a special batch of beer and my mum is going to cook up a storm! Catering and venue already taken care of!

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