My vintage garage

photo booth hire near melbourneI’ve always had an obsession with the 1950s. I dunno what it is about that decade that I’m so drawn to. It may have started when I saw the movie Rebel Without a Cause. James Dean was so cool with his grease-slicked hair and bad boy attitude. Then of course there’s the beautiful Natalie Wood and the iconic 1950s drag cars. Ever since then I’ve watched every film from the period and even started collecting 1950s memorabilia. My garage was slowly filling with useless antiques when my husband suggested we turn it into a retro themed space.

We created our vintage garage with inspiration from American diners and dance halls. It’s decked out with chequered flooring, has a bar with squeaky vinyl seats and the walls are covered in celebrity portraits. My favourite thing about the room is the old photo booth that we bought from a Melbourne photo booth hire company. It was a really old one that they didn’t need anymore and decided to put up for auction – we got it for a really good price! In addition to the old mint green photo boot, I’m hoping to get a jukebox for the corner. It would be really cool to have a dance when our friends come over.

The only problem with the photo booth is that the photos aren’t very good quality. I’m wondering if I can find a repair guy who can fix a photo booth near Melbourne. Other than that it is such a quirky and charming addition to the room. I love hanging out in the garage sipping a bailey’s infused milkshake and surrounded by the faint musk of old thing like you get in an antique shop. It always give me a toasty feeling of nostalgia, even though I was born well after the 50s. My connection to that period is so strong that I wonder if I lived through it in a past life or something.

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