Monster-in-law likes the carpets clean

carpet steam cleaningMy girlfriend is amazing. Somehow, she manages to love me for exactly who I was and put up with my overbearing and intrusive mother. You see, my mother is a very difficult woman to deal with, especially if she thinking you are beneath her. That basically covers everyone in my life. She managed to provide a very wealthy upbringing, but it was very lonely at the same time. I would have much rathered parental interaction when I was a child, than a trust fund and a credit card. I had been living with my girlfriend for just on two years, so she knew what to expect when I told her my mother and father were coming to stay. It was almost like my girlfriend morphed into mother-in-law mode immediately, grabbing the phone and calling the carpet cleaners. My mother is not only obnoxious, she is a complete clean freak and doesn’t feel embarrassed telling people their houses aren’t clean enough for her standards. She can be incredibly rude, but she is my mother and I care for her no matter what. Each time my parents came to visit we went through the same routine. We phoned the professional carpet steam cleaners, Melbourne gets dusty in the dry season. My girlfriend likes to hire the best of the best to impress my mother. We were very nervous this time around because we’d never had upholstery cleaning before. The steam cleaners that we had been going with had never slack off and always put effort into their cleaning. Apparently my girlfriend had heard of the best tile and grout cleaners Melbourne has to offer from her sister. Since they came so highly recommended around town so she gave them a call. When my girlfriend hung up the phone to the carpet steam cleaning company in Melbourne, we were both very excited, but a little nervous. Excited to show off our incredibly clean house to my mother, and nervous that it still wouldn’t be clean enough for her crazy standards.

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