Lip fillers for mothers day

dermal lip fillers Melbourne

We don’t normally make a big deal out of mother’s day but this year I decided to go all out. My mum has been particularly good to us this year and I wanted to make sure she knew we all appreciated it. My younger siblings are pretty bad at arranging gifts, or I should say they are terrible at spending money on anyone but themselves so I decided to take the reigns. My mum has been hinting for a while that all of her friends have been getting cosmetic procedures like dermal fillers and vaginoplasties. Whilst I wasn’t about to sponsor my mum reshaping her vagina I figured I could stretch to booking her in for an afternoon delight of lip fillers in Melbourne. There are quite a few options of looks on offer so I’ll leave it down to her to decide, it depends on the shape and fullness of lips you are after! I proposed the idea to my siblings and said if they transfer me the money I’ll make all the arrangements. They didn’t quite understand why Mum would want lip fillers mainly because they didn’t really understand what it was but I assured them she would be pleased. I figured she would go for the collagen injections, it’s very popular, it’s the strongest option so it leads to the most effective results. I know a lot of her friends opt for the same fillers and I’m pretty sure I’ve heard her talk about it. My younger brother did make a valid point that she could take it the wrong way and see it as us telling her she needs to look younger. But I’m pretty sure she’s mentioned it enough times that it won’t be so out the blue. I will even offer to go with her if she so desires.

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