What to do for Sam’s birthday

My bIce skating Melbourneoy Sam is turning 9 two weeks from now and I just don’t know what to do for the kid. We’re thinking about booking him one of those party venues Melbourne seems to have plenty of, but darn it I’m just not sure we really should.

I mean, it’s not like he’s mentally challenged or anything, he’s just real awkward in social situations and pretty slow on the uptake. He’s got a couple of friends at school, or so he says, but we never see them round at the house. We talked to his teacher to make sure the people he’d named in his class were real people, about six months ago, when I asked about his friends, it turned out he’d just made up names off of the top of his head. When I talked to his teacher about it she said there were no people by that name in his class. I gotta tell you, that made me real worried for a moment there. This time, at least the names were real, but we’ve got no way of knowing whether they’re actually his friends, see? And if they’re not, we wouldn’t want to book him out a party venue for friends he doesn’t have. It’s a complicated kind of situation.

Couple of years back, he got real into ice skating, learning to ice skate through lessons and such, but it was a cold kind of a pastime for such a warm country as Australia. I always thought learning to ice skate here was a real impractical thing to be doing, but he seemed to enjoy it a lot and that was good enough for me. Maybe we should have his birthday at an ice skating rink? That way he doesn’t have to talk to the other kids if he doesn’t want to, which, knowing him, he probably wont. I’m not a bad parent, mind you. All I really want for him is to have a good time.

Procrastination Leads to Clutter

clutterThere is some truth to the phrase ‘if you don’t eat yer meat, you can’t have any pudding’. It’s true, truly truthful. Because, and this is thinking really hard about the issue…if you DON’T eat your meat…how CAN you have the aforementioned pudding? Meat comes first, before pudding you see. The conquering of the meat is paramount to progressing towards the pudding.

This is a really deep thought for a Thursday. Maybe I need to roll things back to something a little bit lighter. Like my will! I have this legal will draft that I’ve just been casually chipping away at for a while now, and it’s my primary source of procrastination. That’s probably why I keep having the deep thoughts, you know? I think that I really need to get onto that last will and testament that people think is so important. But that means going through my possessions, and that’s the end of that because I always find something terribly distracting. Just yesterday I dug up my old coin collection. I used to be mad on those things, polished them every day. I was under the delusion that my friends would actually be impressed by this collection of small metal objects. Still, I managed to score a few limited edition ones. One day, those are going to be worth something. But not for a while, so if I’m getting on with making a will, those should go to my grandchildren. Kelvin is so obsessed with shiny things, so I hope that’s going to continue into his adult years. He’s gonna love these coins!

It’s all so much to deal with, lots of trinkets and baubles to sort through. Makes me want to make my will just a matter of writing ‘you all just work it out amongst yourselves, and be civil’. Then my family could just roll with that. But a last will and testament isn’t quite so easy. Back to it, I suppose. Until I’m distracted again…

Poetry in Business

poetryNot with a bang, but a whimper. That’s probably one of the most quoted poems of all time. Not that it’s one I use often, because I know a far greater breadth of poetry and many of them have better lines. Still, as poetry goes…it’s not bad. You can see why it’s endearing, at least. And then there’s all the anti-war business. Anyway, my mission is to bring literature into every corner of life, so as to improve the English language for all. That’s why I jump careers so much. I improve one place, and move on. I’ve spent the last few months in a conveyancing office in Melbourne. I don’t know what the section 32 statement is, because it’s not written in anything close to poetic language, but I do know that it could be. Conveyancers are some of the best people I’ve worked with, but everyone can stand to improve their language. I’ve already started encouraging people to stop taking coffee breaks and start ‘sojourning to the tearoom for light refreshments’. I tell people that they’re not meeting with clients, they’re ‘conferring with business acquaintances’. Some of them seem annoyed at my corrections, but they’ll see in the end. If we don’t clean up our language, it’s very steadily fading to nothing. Or effervescing to naught. See what I did there?

There are a number of terms that I’m not determined to change. This whole ‘sale of land act’ document is just full of legal language. It could be much more flowering and interesting. Their paperwork is the same, so right now, I’m drafting a property transfer document Melbourne can truly be proud of, being the city of the arts and all that. I won’t be invalid…just better. I’m honour-bound to use my mastery of the language to spread its influence. Conveyancing is where it’s at, right now at least.


Learning Practical Skills, Or Whatever

learningYeah, great, more career seminars. Honestly, we’re in Year 12 now. I know next year is the big scary year when we’re supposed to move out into the world, getting jobs or studying at uni, and this is supposed to be the last true year of school before the big leagues. But still, sitting in a classroom while some conveyancer talks about house prices and the section 32 statement just feels like wasted time.

Ah, heck. It’s not like I’d actually be studying anyway. In fact, I’ve found quite a few creative ways to keep myself occupied during private study times without actually doing any work. I spent an hour chatting to CleverBot the other day. It asked me what I thought about Orlando Bloom’s children, and then tried to insinuate that the children were robots. So yeah, that was time well-spent. Maybe it’s not so bad that we get a bit of off-time to listen to a professional. Some of them are so boring you want a meteor to hit the place, but this guy was different. In fact, we’ve had a couple of conveyancers come in, and while I’m not all over the whole property market stuff, I know enough to know that it sucks for young people. Thanks for screwing THAT one up, baby boomers. Cheers like, so much. So it makes sense to make a few notes, see what they have to say on the subject. It can’t actually hurt.

Man, the people who left in year 10 have it SO easy. They’ve got their trades sorted out, or whatever. It’s all just family businesses around here, so they’ll easily get a job. And then Zoe got to go to that science academy, so she’s pretty much guaranteed a job, and then all the while she doesn’t have to attend seminars about Melbourne’s property transfers and rates of exchange. But meh, while I’m here, might as well become an expert. It’s nowhere near as boring as Further Maths. As in, it doesn’t make me want to fall on my sharpened pencil and die.


Putting a Stop to the Hackers

firewallThe level of excitement I feel for the upcoming Galaxy Conflict: The Push Wakes Up is just phenomenal, more than anything I’ve ever felt before. I absolutely can’t wait to get my tickets, because I was at work when they were released and my boss wouldn’t let me take a break at that exact moment to go and get them. Seriously, boss. But still, I want the full cinematic experience and nothing less. That’s why I’m in a bit of an online war.

See, I have these friends doing web development courses in Melbourne, and I’m doing a similar thing up here so we’ve kind of connected online. I thought I knew them pretty well, but as it turns out…not so much. They’re part of this super-shady hacker group who are trying to get a copy of The Push Wakes Up before it airs in cinemas, which is just unacceptable. For one thing, they’ll be viewing the cinematic event of this millennium on their stupid little laptop screens, which just makes me sad. And then, it’s morally wrong, because they’re essentially stealing something that belongs to a paying audience. Those in my web design course feel the same: online does not mean free. Thus, I’m now part of a group trying to protect The Push Wakes Up from these nefarious hackers. I’ve already informed the colleges where they get their education, and strong corrective action has been promised. There’s nothing more to do but sit and wait for the next cyber-attack.

I can’t believe I thought they’d be better. I bet if their fellow web development students knew about this, they’d feel the same way: it’s pure selfishness, and they’re spoiling the experience for themselves as well. Maybe at some point, they’ll realise. But maybe, they just need to complete the entire web design course experience, and then they’ll see the light. It’s themselves they’re hurting, in the end…

Places to be in Victoria

The lush vineyards of Victoria have attracted many couples over the years. More and more people each year are choosing marquee’s in Victoria to tie the knot. The romantic fairytale backdrop tends to attract the brides, and the abundance of quality wine seems to appeal to the grooms. Never the less, couples seem to be choosing Melbourne marquees for hire preferences. The marquee offers a great party feel and atmosphere to any event. Each hire being specific to the bride and grooms wedding themes and styles. Something seems to be in the air in Victoria which makes visitors and locals a like fall in love. With the magnificent nature and countryside around who can blame them.
Victoria’s capital Melbourne has a vibrant and multicultural population growing from year to year. It has a large proportion of Greeks and Italians. With this brings a love for food, fine wine, and most of all a good party! Often the streets of Melbourne have party marquee hire’s scattered all over. One thing I love about Melbourne is the cultural European like feel it has on you. A smile is on every face! A Friday night brings the young party goers who flood the streets. The Melbourne party marquees resemble more of a rave with bright flashing lights and strobes, all are in full swing late into the night.
Last but not least my favorite spot would be Bayside which is located in Melbourne’s south eastern suburbs. Surrounded by stunning peaceful beaches, it offers a perfect party marquee hire spot. Bayside marquee hire operates extensively throughout these coastal Melbourne suburbs. Seeming to offer a huge range of party hire equipment whether it’s for a 21st party or a 40th birthday party the range or party equipment is astonishing. Including options such as dance floor hire, lighting, furniture hire and much more, not to mention the marquee.

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