My Killer Plant Festival Ad

Daffodil_Double_Collection_1_16I have a killer idea for the plant festival. We always have an ad on TV, every year, and without fail they become the talk of the town. Not in a good way, either; it’s always people talking about how badly it was done, or how cheesy the acting was, or how the direction could use some tweaking (to be fair, I was one of them last year). But this year, I’m in charge. It shall be the year…of me. My year to truly make something of the festival with an ad that’ll have them flocking to come and see us. There will be daffodils, daffodil flower bulbs…um, tulips! Many more!

Now, don’t steal my idea, but here’s how it’s going to work. A bunch of people are milling around a florist, buying flower bulbs, chatting to the store owner, admiring the natural beauty all around them…as people do in florists. One lady cannot help herself, and simply exclaims to the whole shop that she loves flowers. A chain reaction begins as her sentiments are echoed. “I just love nature, period,” says the man next to her. The ripple spreads throughout the assembled crowd.

“Tulip bulbs!” says a girl in the corner, in paroxysms of delight. “Chrysanthemums!” pipes up an edgy-looking teenager, in response. Everyone in the shop begins to loudly echo the sentiments, some with rounds of applause. “I love trowels!” says another girl. “And rakes!” adds another. By this time, everyone is so worked up with their love of flowers, they cannot help but laugh and clap their hands with glee.

“Fresh soil!” yells another, to more applause. “Pruning!” cries a man near the door, holding up a pair of shears in triumph. “Watering cans!” his wife adds, and the two embrace as the denizens of the shop give in to their sheer delight and cheer to the heavens. By this time, the florist knows what must be done. Tossing aside the hyacinth bulbs in her hand, she declares: “All of you, get your butts to the Plant Festival!”

And so they do. Cue applause…and the best turnout in years.


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