Get a Dog, Teach Some Responsibility

emergency vet MoorabinSurprise, surprise. We get a dog, I tell the kids they gotta look after it, and who ends up doin’ the actual work?

Yep. The professional services we pay to look after it. I knew this would happen, ya know. Sure, Cassius gets a walk from a professional dog walker every single day, and gets a doggie massage every Tuesday and Saturday, and we got an automatic feeder that prepares his food and monitors whether he should have more or less dependin’ on his weight, but the kids could stand to lift the slightest finger.

And just yesterday our call-in vet said he was on holiday in the Maldives, so I gotta bundle Cassius into the car MYSELF and find a really good pet surgery in the Bayside area so he can have one of his checkups. And then he just turns out to be healthy anyway, because there’s NOTHIN’ wrong with this dog. He can run forever.

And I don’t wanna make it seem like I’m complainin’ about Cassius. That dog loves every single one of us like we’re even closer than family, and I guess he’s pretty well-trained after the hubby called in a favour from a professional dog trainer and had him come to the house for a two-week crash course in everythin’ from coming when we call his name to puttin’ his paws together when we say grace at dinner. I’m just sayin’, the kids should be the ones takin’ him to the vet every now and then. They can sit in the waitin’ room holding Cassius’ lead and giving it a tug when he sees another dog and wants to play. And maybe ONE day a week they can take him for a walk.

I guess they do play with him a LOT, which tires him out. Even Baz, who’s a different kid when he’s with the dog. Still, next time Cassius eats somethin’ he shouldn’t and we need to find an emergency vet in Moorabbin because our call-in vet is off in the Seychelles, I’m getting the kids up with the dog and taking them to the pet surgery, rain or shine. They gotta learn that a pet comes with responsibility!