Cars, For Popularity

I am actually a chronic people-pleaser, so getting a car has been the best thing that’s ever happened to me. See, the thing about a town like Bendigo is that it’s borderline country. Big place, sort of a large town feel, but it’s still isolated enough that having a car is very helpful. I got my license first out of all my friends, so now I’ve spent a fulfilling two weeks driving everyone around, and now I’m the most popular kid on the block. All of the blocks. So many blocks, and I’m popular on all of them, for once.

A car is a money-pit, I get that and I realise already. I’ve already had to get recommendations for a really good places to get aircon regassing. Bendigo has a few garages that offer the service, or so I’m told. Air conditioning just needs that, I guess. I’m still learning, so when I turned on the air conditioning and all i was getting was a weird smell and some hot air, I obviously had some research to do.

Had to get it sorted, though. If my car didn’t have air conditioning in summer, then people wouldn’t want to ride in it. If people don’t want to ride in my car, then my popularity goes way down. I’d end up even lower than before, in fact. Instead of being the guy with the car, I’d be the guy with the car who doesn’t have air con, driving around being all selfish by myself when everyone else is walking and taking the inconsistent bus services, because good grief, just get aircon servicing already, hurry UP.

See what I mean? Popularity is a balancing act that involves confidence, timing and knowing where the best car servicing garages in Epsom are located so you can maintain the machine that puts you in everyone’s good books.

Man, I sure do hope everyone fails their tests. I like being liked. Being liked is intensely likeable.

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