Aluminium and Card Games

constructionI’m beginning to think that there’s really no place in Melbourne that has proper appreciation for the art of card games. I mean the actual artwork, but also the art of the playstyle. There’s something mesmerising about a true card player, the way they move, the way they make killer plays. Outside of my family and our network, I haven’t seen much of that. A little bit of video game appreciation, but that’s about it.

My new career isn’t card game-friendly either.  There are plenty of tradespeople around Melbourne in need of aluminium trays for work and play. It’s now my job to sell them the idea of kitting out their ute with this magnificent technology. Obviously, the trays are perfectly rectangular and perfectly capable of holding rows of trading cards with ease. In fact, it transforms your ute into what might as well be a card game vehicle, handy for tournaments when you need to be transporting your cards around the place and don’t want to carry them in suitcases. And yet, when I tried to pitch this idea to my first crew, they didn’t seem impressed. Some asked about the weight capacity, and I told them that the trays could easily hold up to three-thousand cards, possibly more. Still, nothing.

Here I was expecting tradespeople to be properly into card games. They often have times when they cannot work, due to rain and other weather conditions. This leaves them sitting around, doing nothing. What better way to fill the time than with card games? They could surely stash some in their aluminium toolboxes, to be brought out on a literal rainy day. And then they under tray draws would just be golden for holding spare cards for deck reconstruction. Perhaps this career path also is a bust. Must I keep searching? I really do like the idea of aluminium trays.


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