What Glaziers Would Work in Space?

residential glazierSo it looks like the new ‘Space Conflicts’ movie is going to be fine. You know, fine like all the others, that is. ‘The Push Wakes Up’ just tried to be too out there and original, so I’m guessing ‘The Penultimate Rabbi’ is going to stick closer to the original formula, making it less bland and boring.

I don’t know. Personally, I think the last good one they made was the Space Conflicts Holiday Special, the one with the rave reviews and the heartwarming song at the end about Strife Day. In fact, it was so famous that Space Conflicts fans to this day still greet each other with cheerful cries of “Happy Strife Day!” It’s a timeless classic.

Yeah, so anyway, windows. Specifically, residential glazing. You may wonder how that’s relevant to Space Conflicts, and I’ll tell you, because obviously windows are really important in space. Unlike real spaceships, ships in sci-fi are just covered in windows, everywhere, so that people can look out into the blackness of space I guess. Why do they need so many windows? And more importantly, what kind of glazier makes windows that are applicable for shops involved in space battles? You’d think the window quantity would be kept to a minimum, and you’d be terribly wrong, because there are just windows all over those things. ALL over them.

So when humanity starts travelling to the stars we’d better have some darn good glaziers, because space is…space. It’s a very hostile environment. Can’t just take a piece of glass you use for glass balustrading and stick it wherever you please, no sir. That glass has to be custom-made, extremely thick, weirdly resistant to all kinds of temperatures and probably some kind of contingency needs to be available when it breaks. Shatter proof glass I think? 

It does make sci-fi ships look pretty, I guess it’s fine in my books.